You Design Custom Hardwood Floors,
We Create Them.

Defy the ordinary flooring odds. Escape into your imagination where your wildest wood and modern flooring ideas come to life.

At EDGE by Tilo, there are no limits to your modern flooring ideas. We’re here to guide you as you choose a unique combination of color, shape, pattern, curve, and finish.

Welcome to EDGE.


  • Flooring
  • Wall Treatment
  • Kitchen Island/Bar
  • Table or Other Specialized Furnishing
  • Whatever You Can Imagine

Create Something Extraordinary...

…With Our Custom Hardwood Floor Process

There’s No Limit to EDGE by Tilo™ Surfaces



Create a floor design that seems too beautiful to walk on, but that’s ready for all your traffic. 


Wall Treatment

Don’t limit your accent walls to paint colors. Add texture and unmatched craftsmanship with a custom EDGE surface.


Kitchen Island/Bar

Kitchen islands and bars are the focal point of your kitchen and entertainment space. Use various wood and metal designs to make them worth gathering around.


Table or Other Specialized Furnishing

Sit down at a beautiful work of art crafted by our experienced and passionate architects and designers.


Whatever You Can Imagine

Have a unique idea? Let’s design it together!

Let’s create a space that’s inspired – and inspires.


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